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Greensboro Power Squadron

Vessel Safety Check

Take 15 Minutes for Safety

The Vessel Safety Check is a courtesy examination of your boat (Vessel) to verify the presence and condition of certain Safety Equipment that is required by State and the Federal regulations. VSC's are generally performed on recreational boats under 65 feet. The Vessel Examiner is a trained specialist and is a member of the United States Power Squadrons and a local member of Greensboro Power Squadron. Vessel Examiners will also make certain recommendations and discuss certain safety issues that will make you a safer boater.
A VSC is not a law enforcement authority. The Vessel Safety Check is performed only with the consent of the owner or operator, who must be present at the time of the examination. You will be suplied with a copy of our evaluation so that you may follow some of the suggestons given. Vessels that pass will be able to display the distinctive VSC decal. A Vessel Safety Check does not circumvent the right of any federal, state or local law enforcement officer to verify the presence and condition of safety equipment.
If you would like a "Courtesy" Vessel Safety Check on your boat (power, sail, pwc, fishing, or dinghy), please send an email to I Want a VSC
The Vessel Safety Check takes 10 to 15 minutes. Take a few minutes for a safe day on the water.

Vessel Safety Check Requirements

Look for this sign at local lakes

Boat Smart From The Start - Wear Your PFD

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Updated 01 Apr 19