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High Rock Lake Boating Tragedy

By Lt Jerry L. Newton, III, SN

A recent tragedy at High Rock Lake is unfolding. A boat was sunk in a collision with one person seriously injured and the death of a teenager. The skipper of the other boat has been arrested for manslaughter. None of the people in the sunken boat were wearing life jackets although they had them on board. This situation arose because of a blind spot on the lake, the speed of the boats, and a wrong turn in a fraction of a second. Authorities didn't find the teenager's body until four hours after the accident. It is not known if the impact killed her or if she drowned.
A Wildlife Resources Commission officer remarked: "If you are hurt in a car (accident), you can to to the curb and wait. But if you get hurt in the boat, even if you have a minor injury, you have to be able to keep yourself afloat."
When you are unconscious in the water, a life jacket, Type I, or Type II, will likely turn you face up. A Type III will keep you afloat where others can find you and render assistance. You don't have a chance when the body isn't found for four hours. A life jacket has to be worn to be of any use. Accidents happen far to fast to stop to put on a life jacket. Get yourself a Type III that is cool and comfortabel and wear it!

Don't be caught DEAD without your life jacket

Boat Smart From The Start - Wear Your PFD

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Updated 01 Apr 19